NP003 Nipple Sucker FLEX M



Nipple Sucker FLEX M


  • Diameter/depth of the flexible suction cup: 40/50 mm
  • incl. suction ball
  • Sensitization of the nipples and the clitoris
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to handle
  • 4260001620140
Would you like to experience an even stronger stimulation of your nipples? Or maybe you want to intensify your arousal by having your clitoris touched? Both are possible with our nipple suction cup FLEX M. It contains a flexible suction cup with a diameter of 40 mm and an accompanying suction ball. The flexibility of the suction cup makes it even easier to attach to the nipple or clitoris.
The nipples are among the most sensitive parts of a woman's body. So it makes sense to give them the attention they deserve during foreplay and sex. The stimulation of the nipples arouses the sensory area in a woman's brain and transmits this arousal to the genital area. With sufficient applications, your nipples can also react more sensitively to touch in the long term and may also be enlarged.
Keep the hand pump pressed down and simply place the suction cup on your nipple. The suction cups will stay in place due to the strong suction. To optimize the suction effect, applying cream on the nipples beforehand is recommended. After a few minutes of uninterrupted use, the nipple sucker increases the blood circulation and sensitivity, making your nipples feel larger and firmer. If you have inverted nipples, our nipple sucker can help you pull them out and make them stand upright.
Use the nipple sucker for a maximum of 20 minutes and make sure it always feels comfortable. If the suction cup does not fit or seal well, remove it and place it on the nipple again in a more comfortable position. If pain and/or numbness occurs, discontinue use immediately.