SP016 Cup D Breast Suction Cup


Cup D Breast Suction Cup


  • Diameter/Depth: 160/140 mm
  • incl. matching attachment sleeve
  • 4260001629860
Are you not completely satisfied with your breast circumference or do you want to prevent health risks? Then get our Cup D Breast Suction Cup (diameter/depth: 160/140 mm), which includes a matching attachment sleeve. The treatment makes your breasts more sensitive, firmer and larger. With regular use, a long-term improvement can also be achieved.
The blood circulation stimulated by the use of the breast pump makes your breasts look fuller and firmer after only a short time. With enough applications, your breasts will be noticeably firmer and look more beautiful.
Before using the suction cup, apply cream on and around the breasts. Prepare the breast tissue for the vacuum treatment with a quick massage. Place the suction cup on the breast, press lightly and create a vacuum. Slowly increase the vacuum bit by bit. The vacuum will expand your breast in the cup. During application, alternately increase and decrease the suction effect (by opening and closing the pressure regulator). This will increase the amount of blood transported into your breasts and then it will flow back slightly.
Use the breast pump for a maximum of 20 minutes and make sure it always feels comfortable. If the breast suction cup does not fit or seal well, remove it and place it on the breast again in a more comfortable position. As you increase the vacuum, the breast should be visibly pink to light red due to the blood supply. However, you should discontinue use immediately if your breast turns dark red to blue and/or you feel any pain.