FRÖHLE – Made in Germany since 1986

The two founders of the company, Rita Fröhle and Wilhelm Kannengießer, met in 1986. After a short time only, they decided to establish a company together that offered a solution for potency problems. The result is the now well-known brand FRÖHLE.

How it all began:

Inspired by mailbox advertising, which included erotic flyers by Beate Uhse, Wilhelm Kannengießer developed plans in the mid-1980s to introduce something new to the medical market. Since there was a doctor in the Kannengießer family who regularly carried out successful cupping therapies on his patients - including on Kannengießer himself - he did everything in his power to develop such a device for the male genital area. In combination with a vacuum pump, he believed that it should be possible to create a device for the genital area that could increase the size of the penis and improve the erection. Wilhelm Kannengießer instantly became aware of the gap in the market. Until then, such products have not been offered in the aforementioned flyers. And so, the inspiration for a new business model was born.

The inception phase:

For production, a so-called blow mould had to be ordered first, which turned out to be relatively cost-intensive. Since the production of an anatomically shaped cylinder requires a high level of artistic talent as well as a practical disposition, an anatomical penis pump was initially produced using the blow method. The first press releases about this anatomical penis pump were published in 1988 in various magazines such as Praline, Wochenend and Schlüsselloch. After various preliminary discussions with a number of doctors, medical journals also featured articles about FRÖHLE and the anatomical penis pump (e.g. potency enhancement, age-independent penis enlargement, etc.). The announcement via such high-quality media finally led to a major breakthrough and was at the same time a great motivation to expand the product range.

Further development of the product range and competitors:

To avoid being dependent on the vacuum pumps he already had on the market and to be able to offer his customers a wider range of products, Wilhelm Kannengießer himself developed tools for the production of the vacuum pumps that he designed. Many of these innovations have been successfully patented or registered for protection as utility models. This allowed a significant expansion of the product range with cylinders in a new design that came in different sizes and were made of many different materials.

Over time, however, competitors who manufactured cheap imitations in China started offering their goods on the market. These cheaper imitations could not, however, threaten the survival of the FRÖHLE brand due to their inferior quality and resulting short service life. Then and now, many customers trust the "100% Made in Germany" products by FRÖHLE. The high product quality was present in the initial phase, when the goods already sold well in selected erotic shops. This was a huge success for the brand, which was still quite young at the time. With new product ideas, FRÖHLE has gradually been able to expand its product range and offer both men and women help according to their specific problems.

For Rita Fröhle and Wilhelm Kannengießer, the customers and their concerns were always top priority. Through their proximity to the customers, they were able to continuously expand their horizon of knowledge, which allowed them to constantly develop new products to meet the needs of various target groups.

FRÖHLE today:

Rita Fröhle and Wilhelm Kannengießer embarked on their well-deserved retirement in March 2019 and passed the FRÖHLE brand on to a young, innovative team that has promised to continue and further develop the FRÖHLE brand in keeping with the ideals of their predecessors.