PP014 Realistic Penis Pump L professional, crystal clear

PP014 Realistic Penis Pump L professional, crystal clear

€ 76.43
  • Crystal clear realistic cylinder (H./D. 21 cm & diameter 5 cm)
  • piston pump (delivers approx. 600 Mbar) with a pressure regulator and connection tube
  • incl. attachment sleeve
  • Connection to the cylinder: top
  • Ideal for beginners and experienced users

"This must never happen to me again" - Too many men have thought this all too often. Try our realistic penis pump L professional, crystal clear for beginners and experienced users. It contains our piston pump (incl. connecting tube and pressure regulator) and a realistic cylinder (incl. matching attachment sleeve) with a height/depth of 21 cm and a diameter of 5 cm. Our realistic penis pump L, crystal clear offers you the possibility to also place your testicles in the cylinder. As an option, you can integrate one of our Love sleeves in your training for an even better effect. Don't let this happen to you again - never again.

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A penis pump causes a vacuum (negative pressure) that fills your penis with blood and is placed in an erect state. As a result, your penis becomes larger and also increases in size. It also provides an erection for men with erectile dysfunction. With sufficient training and time, it is also possible to achieve long-term improvements.
First, lather the entire basin area well. Next, you pull the cylinder over the flaccid penis and press it against your body. Insert the hose on the vacuum pump onto the hose connection on the cylinder and generate the vacuum by actuating the pump. At the beginning of the application, create the negative pressure so that your penis has a good and powerful erection. The fabric should slowly get used to the negative pressure. During use, repeatedly open the pressure regulator. As a result, the blood then flows back easily. Then pump again. Through this type of application you have an erection with a blood flow. The application with a permanently closed pressure regulator produces an erection with a congestion.
Use the penis pump for a maximum of 20 minutes and make sure that it always feels comfortable. If the penis pump does not fit or seal well, remove it and apply it in a more comfortable position. In case of pain, numbness and/or discoloration of the penis during use, discontinue the application immediately.
Before use: A penis ring placed on the base of the penis prevents blood to flow back to the penis after the vacuum has ceased and the cylinder has been removed. This keeps the erection stable for a certain amount of time.