VP005 Vagina Pump Solo Extreme Professional

VP005 Vagina Pump Solo Extreme Professional

€ 55.42
  • Dimensions of the crystal clear suction cup: length 12 cm, width 7.5 cm, height/depth 8.5 cm
  • Crystal clear suction cup is compatible with insertion tube
  • piston pump (delivers approx. 600 Mbar) incl. connection tube an pressure regulator
  • incl. matching attachment sleeve

Many women are desperate to have a vaginal orgasm. They often cramp up, making it even more difficult. If you are one of these women, you should try our Vagina Pump Solo Extreme Professional. Many of our female customers contact us to rave about the effects of treatment with our Vagina Pumps. The reason is that treatment with one of our Vagina Pumps sensitizes the vagina, thus intensifying your sex life. In addition, treatment with the intimate suction cup can relieve frigidity and menopausal problems. The Solo Extreme Professional vagina pump contains a crystal clear intimate suction cup (incl. attachment sleeve) and a piston pump (incl. connection tube and pressure regulator) with a high suction power, which also makes it ideal for experienced users. Every woman who has already had the pleasure of experiencing a vaginal orgasm knows: it's worth a try!

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The use of the vagina pump stimulates blood flow in the genital area, which increases erotic sensations and increases sexual desire and the level of excitement. Furthermore, your lips and clitoris are visibly enlarged due to increased blood circulation.
Before starting the application of the vagina pump, apply the cream on the genital area. Now press the genital suction cup gently on the olace in the vagina where the cream is open. Allow the air to suck in the cup by activating the connected vacuum pump: this creates a negative pressure. After a few minutes, open the pressure regulator valve and allow air to flow back into the cup. Repeat alternately both processes.
Use the vagina pump for up to 20 minutes and make sure it is always comfortable. If the genital suction cup does not fit or closes properly, remove it and apply it in a more comfortable position. In case of pain and / or numbness during use, stop the application immediately.
With our "Extreme" models, the application with an insertion tube provides a further increase in pleasure thanks to the suction effect inside the vagina.