PR002 adjustable cock ring

PR002 adjustable cock ring

€ 8.36
  • Rubberized
  • Loop ring adjustable in 3 sizes

One ring to subjugate them, find them all, drive them into darkness and bind them forever - Even though our rubberized cock ring, which can be adjusted in three sizes, will exert a similar fascination on its wearer, the effect is of course purely positive! It is the ideal partner for more intense orgasms, a longer and harder erection and more stamina in bed!  It acts as a blood reflux inhibitor, which can reduce or even temporarily stop the decline of your erection completely. What are you waiting for?

Product Details


A cock ring creates a slight congestion of blood in the penis. This not only hardens your erection, but also delays your ejaculation. This means you "stand your ground" for longer.

The cock ring should always be put on with a little water-based lubricant. The gel makes it easier to remove the cock ring later. It should be put on in a flaccid or semi-erect state. First, the ring is pulled over the glans to the middle of the penis shaft. From there it can be pulled further to the end of the shaft.

The penis ring should be tight, but not so tight that it hurts. One or two fingers should fit through the stretched ring as soon as it is at the base of the penis. If the penis increases in size too much, this indicates swelling and the ring should be removed immediately. The penis ring should not be worn continuously for longer than 20 minutes. If numbness and/or pain occurs before this, it should be removed immediately. The penis ring must be removed after use. Never fall asleep with the penis ring on, as this could have undesirable consequences.

When removing the cock ring, the wearer should be careful not to pull out any pubic hair. It is generally advisable to shave your pubic hair before putting on a cock ring.