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SP026 Ersatzhülle Eicheltrainer

SP026 Ersatzhülle Eicheltrainer

€ 28.53
  • Color: Black
  • Length: 18 cm
  • Diameter: 6 cm
  • Connection: Top
  • Shape: Anatomical

Pleasure for the tip - the tip of the penis, i.e. the glans, is undoubtedly a man's most erogenous zone. And it deserves special care. With our glans trainer, you can stimulate the tip of your penis in a unique way, and your next orgasm will be breathtaking.

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You will immediately feel a pleasant sucking sensation due to the negative pressure created during suction. The glans swells and becomes thick and firm!

Insert your glans into the stretchy sleeve and activate the pump, which is suitable for men of all ages with circumcised and uncircumcised penises and is suitable for practically any glans - and therefore penis size.

If the suction pressure is too strong, the application should be stopped. If pain, numbness and/or discoloration of the penis occur during use, the application should also be stopped immediately.